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Live video demonstrations directly from the Digestive Endoscopy operating theatre of Policlinico Universitario"A. Gemelli" Foundation, Rome.
Practical sessions on ex-vivo animal models.

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National Live Workshop for Nurses in Digestive Endoscopy

Live Workshop: 13-14 February 2020

We are pleased to announce that the second edition of the Workshop will be simultaneously translated into English so that participants from all over Europe will be able to attend this year.

The event will be held at the Policlinico Universitario «A.Gemelli» Hospital.
The main objective is to up-to-date the participant’s skills in gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy with particular attention on patient care. The importance of the doctor-nurse relationship will be highlighted through discussion with expert, live procedures and practical sessions.

Participants will be able to assist the most advanced procedures through Live video demonstrations from the of Digestive Endoscopy Unit of the “A. Gemelli” Hospital. Learning will continue through direct application on ex-vivo animal models and by using the “Boškoski-Costamagna mechanical simulator for CPRE” during the afternoon practical sessions at the European Endoscopy Training Centre.


Event co-ordinator: Arianna Di Gemma

13th February 2020

13.00 - Greetings and introduction
R. Bellantone, G. Costamagna, M. de Pater-Godthelp, M. Elefanti, A. Gasbarrini, A. Guarini, M. Zega
Moderators: F. Grilli, A. Guarini, C. Spada

13.30 - Video interview - “Towards the personalization of bowel preparation”
M. Angeletti, Mrs. M.L. Gregori

14.00 - Lecture - “Bowel preparation in Holland”
M. de Pater-Godthelp

14.30 - Lecture - “Videocapsule Endsocopy: nursing training pathway”
S. Simonelli

15.15 - Lecture - “Gastrointestinal stenting: endoscopic and clinical techniques”
G. Petrocelli

15.45 - Lecture - “Emergency endoscopic treatment: sedation or anaesthesia?”
F. Sbaraglia, Mr. D. Metta

16.15 - Lecture - “Acute pancreatitis: management and treatment of septic patients”
D. Caputo, Mrs. C. Scaglietta

16.45 - Satellite Symposium

17.30 - Lecture - “Is insurance an obligation? The expert speaks”
Parla Esq. - President Scudomed Italy - Health Risk Manager and Legal Advisory

18.00 - Discussion and end of day 1

14th February 2020

8.30 - Opening of day 2

8.35 - Live video demonstrations from Endoscopy operating theatre: Polipectomy, ERCP, Upper GI stenosis, Upper GI legation
R. Alimonti, N. Monterisi, G. Petrocelli, G. Salvatori, V. Sangiorgi, C. Scaglietta, S. Simonelli, M. Venezia, F. Barbaro, I. Boškoski, V. Bove, G. Costamagna, M. De Riso, P. Familiari, R. Landi, S. Pecere, V. Perri, F. Sbaraglia, A. Tringali.

At the end of each case the experts will meet with participants to discuss the case
Moderators: C. Rivara, C. Spada, A. Zambelli

13.30 - Lunch

14.30 - Lecture - “Emergency Room and endoscopic treatment”
R. De Vito, S. Masciullo

15.00 - Coffee break

15.30 - Play & Rewind
Towards the perfect triage

F. Grilli, D. Metta

17.30 - Endoquiz & Careyou

17.45 - Closing remarks

Simultaneous translation will be provided from a minimum of 40 foreign participants


Faculty and moderators - 2020 Edition

Michaela Angeletti, Rome
Domenico Caputo, Rome
Maria Luisa Centurioni, Milan
Marion De Pater-Godthelp, Amsterdam
Roberta De Vito, Rome
Maria Luisa Gregori, Rome
Fabio Grilli, Rome
Alessandra Guarini, Rome
Stefania Masciullo, Rome
Diego Metta, Rome
Massimiliano Parla, Rome
Giulio Petrocelli, Milan
Cinzia Rivara, Turin
Fabio Sbaraglia, Rome
Cinzia Scaglietta, Rome
Sandro Simonelli, Brescia
Cristiano Spada, Brescia
Alessandro Zambelli, Crema



CONGRESS HALL 617 - sixth floor (A)

Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli" Foundation
Largo A. Gemelli, 8 - 00168 Roma


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